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Dr. Debbie Smrz, Markham, Ontario Naturopathic Doctor


Welcome!  We are excited that you are one step closer to achieving your health goals, that you are ready to feel what optimum living can feel like, I-Living. Not sure if this approach is for you? ~ Complimentary 15 minute “Meet the Doctor”  I know that taking the first step to changing your life can be a big one, so it’s important that you are ready for change and connect well with your Naturopathic Doctor.  I encourage you to book a 15 minute “meet the doctor” to see how I can help you and if this approach is the best for you.  There is no charge for this visit, and as my philosophy is to be your guide and companion on your health journey, it’s important that our personalities mesh! You can book your appointment by calling Naturopathic Living.

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Debbie Smrz, Markham Naturopathic Doctor
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